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      Wanda: Oh sheet, I'll go to the best of Meni superarket and pedicure

Timmy: You will not get anywhere from here until you return to the sink and will not appear Poof!
Cosmo/Wanda: What is Poof?
Timmy: Aa, your child!
Cosmo/Wanda: Ew! Baby!
Cosmo: We're not even married, dude, it does not to my taste, I love when there is a hold out for that!
Timmy: You are now back on the sink, or else ...
Cosmo/Wanda: otherwise, what?
Timmy: Otherwise, I'll take skateboard (skateboard Timmy's face), okay, I'll takeplayers.
Wanda: they're still old.
Timmy: class perfect for the river.
Cosmo/Wanda: Till you get!</span>

Mrs. Turner: you win this round Striker Z!

Cosmo: She's not my type
Cosmo/ Wanda: Ew! Baby!

Timmy: They must be here somewhere

Timmy: Wait! Reverse psychology beats youth rebelry!

Mr. Turner: Maybe we should know other people

Mr. Turner: Gentlemen, we have a ring to destroy!

Mr. Turner: Did you say to wash my car?
Timmy: Ehm.. No.
Mr. Turner: Great!

Mr. Turner: Go dad! Cake 'N' Bacon! Go dad!

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