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Wishy Washy
Season 6, Episode 16
Titlecard-Wishy Washy
Prod. Code: 91A
Premiered:  (2008-08-14)August 14, 2008
Wish: Magic Car Wash
Headgag: Raccoon
Written by:
  Butch Hartman
Storyboard by:
  Brandon Kruse
Directed by:
  Ken Bruce
Art Direction:
  George Goodchild
Music Direction:
  Guy Moon
Episode chronology
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Wishing Well
Next Episode →
Poof's Playdate
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DVD Releases:
  Season 6, Vol. 1

Wishy Washy is the sixteenth episode of Season 6.


Timmy wishes for a super car wash that rejuvenates everything that goes through it in order to repair for Dad's Striker Z sports car. It works, but when dinosaur fossils and cavemen go through it, Dimmsdale is in Prehistoric chaos. And when Cosmo and Wanda go through it, they turn into rebellious teens, causing Poof to disappear since they never married or had him. But, Timmy manages to convince them to become normal again, and they save him from being eaten by a dinosaur and turn everything else normal.


One morning, a choir of angles sing about Saturday, waking Timmy up because it's makes you feel alive and ready to go. He sees his godparents tired out from Poof's crying that keeps them up all night. Wanda tells Timmy that they are as not as young as they are used to be. Cosmo says for her to say that again because he is hard to hear. He hears the kids playing in the yard and screams to get away from his mule as he shook his fist in the air. Timmy tells Cosmo and Wanda that Saturday makes everything better, until Timmy's dad shows up and asks him that if he says that he wants to wash his car. Cosmo and Wanda quickly transform themselves into pillows and Timmy's father took Timmy ooutside. He wants the Striker-Z to be polished and racoon free by 5:00 because he's got the spark of ring plug they have before Timmy was born. Timmy says no and his dad tells him that he should do it or else he's ganno take your skateboard and video games. Timmy gave the things to his dad and tells him that he's too young to wash the car. Timmy refuses and shows him that he's old enough to wash the Striker-Z. His dad won by reverse phycology. Timmy godparents showed up and tells them that he got a rabies shot. The racoons started attacking Timmy as Cosmo and Wanda watches.

After the attack, Timmy tries to wash the car, but the bumper got rusty and fell off. He calls it a hunk of junk as a rusy old bumper in the boot. Cosmo defends his wife from back talk. Timmy says that there's only one thing to do and Wanda says that if he could wish up a car wash that can't clean the car, but it can make it brand new again. Timmy says that's just what he meant. Cosmo and Wanda poofs up a magiccar wash. Timmy comments the car wash 'cool' and told his godparents to bring out the Striker-Z. the godparents did as they were told as the car rolls into the car wash and Timmy and Poof operates the manager machine. Timmy pushes the Suds button to disinfect the car while Poof uses his magic rattle to switch the settings to Turbo Wash mode to wash the sudd away. Timmy presses the Raccon Removal and the Wish Wax buttons to remove the racoons with a butterfly net and make the car shine. Once the car is starting to shine, Timmy pushes the eject button and comments the car 'awsome and looked like it was 40 years old. Wanda and Cosmo decides to try it out, but when they come out, they look like teenagers. Since they are teenagers, Poof is gone and they never married.

Cosmo and Wanda as Teenagers.

Timmy hears his mom and dad talking about the spark of ring plug before Timmy was here. Mr. Turner was carrying Ms. Turner until he saw that the Striker-Z is beautiful and loved anymore than anything in his life, making Timmy's mom jealous. Timmy tells her that she could destroy the car and win back her love and his mom agreed with Timmy's idea and took out an axe and sets off th destroy the car, thanking timmy for his idea. Timmy tells his godparents that they aren't leaving the place until they get back in the car wash so they can have Poof again or else he'll take away skateboard and music. Cosmo and Wanda gave him all of their stuff and they need new music. They float away to the mall and said their see yas to Timmy.

A load of dinosaur bones and cavemen with an old man driving a truck says that nothing's gonna stop him from delivering, but he notice that there is a car wash. He decides that he should try it out too. After the truck got out, the dinosaurs and caveman came to live and the man feels young again.

Meanwhile at Lover's leap, Mr. Turner puts on the new piston ring, which made the Striker-Z crying. He tells her that there is no need for her to cry. Somewhere out of the trees and into the sun, Timmy's mom shoots a missile at the target and misses, byt hit the cliff and got smashed by a big rock.

Back at Timmy's house, Chet Ubetcha saying that old people are lining up to feel young again from the Youth Wash that doesn't stop from taking the amaze from the car's effects. He says that deciedes to get into the magic car wash that made him into a teen and lost his perfect news voice. Timmy grabs a rope of streamers, made it into a lasso and tamed the dinosaur and told it to go to the mall. Timmy's dad takes the Striker-Z out for a drive and Mom tries to chase the Striker-Z, but it puffed out a cloud of smoke that changes the place into a Demolition Derby. The other cars destroy the car while Dad and his car wahches the racers.

In the mall, everyone screams and runs, when Timmy is looking for his godparents. The first thing that he's gonna do is look for cool places that teens with attitude like to hang out. Cosmo is showing the boys awsome tricks at the skate shop while Wanda is at the nail salon, showing the girls the fabulous nails and text them via phone. The dinosaur picks both of them up and drops them off. This time they are going to listen to Timmy and do the right thing, but they said no. Timmy knows that reverse pshycolocy beats rebellion if he can make them feel like an adult. He tellt them that they don't have to be together after all and are just of immature kids that don't know how to act like grown ups and don't change into grown ups. Wanda back talks Timmy by saying that he can't tell them what to do. Timmy tells that they are a couple of dum teenagers. Cosmo and Wanda raisesd up their wands and made themselves grown ups again. Timmy wishes that the dinosaurs and car wash was gone. The godparents did as they were told and Poof came back. Mom cries as she fails to destroy the Striker-Z. Wanda asks Timmy if they should poof away the cavemen.

Dad puts a wedding ring on the car's antennne and says thet it makes the happiest man in the world. Timmy appears from the tree and tells him that he should see Mom, after the cavemen destror the car. Timmy whispers the wish for a huge diamond ring. Timmy gives Dad the ring and goes to the house to win her heart back, but Mom falls in love with the ring and fails, leaving him heartbroken. At the end of the episode, Dad goes out on the attack for the ring as Cosmo, Timmy, Wanda, and Poof watches with a mule.

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