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Timmy Turner with one of the wands.

The Wishology Wands are three distinct and powerful wands that Timmy Turner ventures through space and worlds to find, so that he could defeat the Darkness.


After the Ancient Fairy Warriors departed into space to hold off the Darkness forever, the Fairy Council forged these wands and created a prophecy that stated a Chosen One would be sent to collect these wands and use their power to stop the Darkness once and for all.


Fire Wand

The Fire Wand is a wand shaped like a star that is in a guitar structure. It blasts a beam into The Darkness. Until Part 3, this wand was called the White Wand.

Wind Wand

The Wind Wand is a wand on the Blue Moon of Vegon that Timmy Turner activated before he sacrificed himself to the Darkness. Like the Fire Wand it doesn't affect the Darkness.

Ice Wand

The Ice Wand is the final wand, which is hidden in the Far Northern Sea of the Earth, Eventually, several ice wands were wished up by Timmy Turner on other planets of the solar system to destroy the Darkness, which in turn transforms to the Kindness.

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