Timmy: But it isn't a secret anymore!
Cosmo: Riight!

Timmy Turner: [voiceover] I needed a clue.
Cosmo: [omniously] Timmy...go to...the pier.
Timmy: Why did you bring me to the pier?
Cosmo: I don't know, I always feel so peaceful here.

Timmy: (listing the suspects that could have stolen Wanda. The scene is currently focusing on Francis) Francis the bully, (scene switches to A.J.) A.J. the jealous friend, (scene switches to Mr. Turner who is smiling) not him (Mr. Turner frowns and the scene switches to Trixie who is applying blush powder to her face), or Trixie the love of my life.

Cosmo: [looks around the empty fish bowl] Hey, it's roomy in here.

Jorgen Von Strangle: And why is that corner of the room still black and white? (It then shows that a part of the corner is still black and white as Jorgen stated)

Timmy: All I had was my trenchcoat, hat and an unlimited supply of magical wishes. The odds were against me.

Cosmo: [after Timmy exposes him as the culprit] What are ya talkin' about, copper?

Cosmo: [after discussing level 13 probation] It's worse than- [turns into a girl and screams]

Timmy: Cosmo, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Timmy: IT'S THE END OF THE LINE! BECAUSE YOU TOOK WANDA!" (Timmy turns the lights on and we see Cosmo caught in the act) Cosmo!
Cosmo: What are you talking about copper!
Timmy: You tipped your hand when you said you would face Jorgen alone!
Cosmo: I did?
Timmy: You hate to be alone!
Cosmo: I do?
Timmy: But you love Wanda!
Cosmo: I do?
Timmy: Enough to send her away before your probation hearing. Why?
Cosmo: I don't know! Why? WHY?
Timmy: Because you didn't want to do something stupid and make Wanda suffer Level 13 probation!
Cosmo: But I did it out of love! Right?
Timmy: And she loves you too! Which is why you know she wants to be here with you. To face this together!
Cosmo: Well if you say so. (Cosmo gets everything back in color. He then poofs Wanda back but she is covered in chocolate and is eating a chocolate bar.)
Timmy: She's coated in chocolate! Where'd you hide her?
Cosmo: Her favorite place on Earth!
Wanda: Chocolate City, Utah...

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