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  • Star Wars - In the scene of Timmy and his godparents were in the spaceship, they are dressed up as some Star Wars characters:
  • Mr. Coffee - When Timmy was searching enemies in the kitchen, he opens a drawer and a Coffee Machine inside it has written "Coffee Guy" on it; this is likely a reference to the coffee machine trademark, Mr. Coffee.
  • Albert Einstein - After the spaceship was sucked in the black hole, Crocker says "Einstein was right, Black Holes lead to Bakersfield.", this is a reference to Albert Einstein with his theories about Black Holes and Albert's first cousin 2x removed, Han Einstein, who was a physician that lived in Bakersfield, California and/or the company, Einstein Computer Services which is located in Bakersfield, California.
  • Spongebob Squarepants - After spending 6 months crammed inside a tight, confining locker; Crocker bears resemblance to Spongebob.

Running Gags

  • Foop, Mr. Crocker, and Dark Laser keep getting attacked by bears.
  • Mr. Turner auditioning for clubs such as sewing, lumber jack and sky diving.
  • Villains getting their legs chopped off and saying, "Thank goodness my legs were asleep/sore, otherwise, that would have hurt like the dickens."
  • Cosmo spilling his chocolate milk.
  • Cosmo trying to say why people eat something on a certain day.
  • Foop/Dark Laser applauding Vicky while looking at her, causing Vicky to yell "THE EYES!" in return.
  • Villains saying it was worth waiting somewhere for 6 months to get Timmy.


  • Cosmo, Wanda and Poof were shown floating while the Fairyclipse was still going on. The same thing happens with Foop.
  • Mr. Crocker does not try to get Foop, even though he is trying to prove the existence of Fairies and Foop is an Anti-Fairy, which is almost the same thing.
    • This could be because Crocker doesn't know what an Anti-Fairy is and/or looks like. This was shown in Timmy's Secret Wish.
  • Unlike other episodes, Vicky refused to get paid by the losers, which contradicts her greedy self.
  • How did Mr. Crocker, Foop, Dark Laser, and Vicky come back from being destroyed by the laser?
    • It's possible that Timmy merely wished for them to be incapacitated and not destroyed. In the episode "Dread 'N' Breakfast", when Dark Laser was incinerated, Timmy said "Whoa, too far!", and had Wanda bring him back.
  • The ship's Dark Laser face was wider while the L.O.S.E.R.S. were grabbing Timmy off to throw him in the black hole, but later in space the face was smaller.
  • How did Crocker, Dark Laser and Foop get their legs and/or selves from or out of the bear?
    • Foop maybe used Magic Power to do this.
  • Vicky got a job at the Cake and Bacon, even though she couldn't find a job in "Vicky Gets Fired!".
  • Why did Timmy's dad join the sewing club when he had a sewing room in Micecapades?
    • It is possible that Mr. Turner isn't good at sewing (which is shown in the episode).
  • When the episode starts, it says the starting events took place 24 hours earlier before Timmy got attacked with the laser. This is not possible since two nights and two days got passed when the events first started and ended with Dark Laser (as Timmy) getting attacked.
  • Timmy says the Fairyclipse ends at midnight, but it appears to be during the day when that happens.
  • When Foop says "It's a good thing those fire ants numbed my legs with their venom, otherwise that would've hurt like the dickens.", the captions display the D in NUMBED as an R, as if the fire ants number Foop's legs. How can things always number people's legs?
  • On many occasions when timmy frowned with his teeth showing, his buck teeth weren't there.
  • In the diner scene when Vicky showed up Foop, could float. This also happened about half way through the scene with Vicky at Crocker's house.
  • The fairy-clipse is impossible because Fairy World is attached to the Earth, making it impossible for the Sun to pass between the Earth and Fairy World.
  • Foop doesn't want to destroy Poof in this episode, Only destroy Timmy.

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