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Timmy: "You're calling yourselves the LOSERS?"

Wanda: "We took the bear bus."

Timmy: "AH! Another enemy bear, please?" (Foop screams)

Timmy: "Vicky?!"
Vicky: "They brought me in to take you out, and that's what we're gonna do, Twerp."

Vicky: "The eyes!"

Foop: "You can run, Turner, but you can't hide!"

Mr. Turner: "Honey, can you pick up a box of Scary Enemies at the store? All the cool kids and Timmy are eating them!"

Foop: "Tell us again why you had to dress up to make the phone call."

Dark Laser: (in Timmy's voice) "Wait! Violence never solves anything! Can we settle this with a game of dodgeball?" (gets hit with a ball) "Or maybe checkers?" (gets hit with a checkers board) "Aw, come on! That's not how you play!" (getting blasted by a laser gun) "NO!!!" (explodes as his pink hat falls while Flipsie flips)
Vicky: (in Timmy's voice) "Ha! I got you, twerp! Wait, why do I sound like Timmy?" (gets blasted from behind and explodes)
Denzel Crocker: (in Timmy's voice) "Ha! You get an F, Turner! For feel thy wrath!" (sees Foop in the form of Timmy) "Ah! I thought I destroyed you!"
Foop: (in Timmy's voice) "In your dreams, Turner! It is I, Foop, who will destroy you!"
Denzel Crocker: (in Timmy's voice) "Then you get an F! For vengeance!" (both get blasted and exploded at the same time)

Timmy: "Guys, we did it!"
Poof: "Poof, poof!"
Wanda: "That was a great idea, sport! Wishing to turn your enemies into Timmy look-alikes tricked them into annihilating each other!"
Cosmo: "Ah! Is that what we were doing? I thought we were playing checkers. Also, my lungs are filled with fluid."
Wanda: "Thank goodness the fairy-clipse ended before they got you!"
Timmy: "And we won't have to worry about another one for a million years!"
Wanda: "Well, there is the upcoming aurora fairy-alis. When the Earth's magnetic fields block the big wands for 28 weeks."
Cosmo: "And that's why we eat sauerkraut on German Unification Day!"
Wanda: "Hey, Cosmo's right this time!"
Cosmo: "YAY!!!"

(Phone rings)

Timmy: "Hello?"
Mr. Crocker: (Imitating and dressed the same as Trixie) "Hey Timmy. It's Trixie Tang calling to say I love you!
Foop: (Next to Dark Laser) Tell us again why you had to dress-up to make the phone call."

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