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Timmy: A bomb?!

Princess Mandie: It was an apple.

Timmy: Find your wands! Remember, stars and straight lines.

Mr. Crocker: Immy.. immy.. immy.. immy

Wanda: But Timmy, that's for 3-year-olds!

Timmy: I wish Mark and the school were like this figure book!

Princess Mandie: Prepare for your destiny!

Cosmo / Wanda: Your wish is our.. POULTRY?!

Princess Mandie: Oh Mark.. Let's play Hide & Go Die!

Timmy: Wands.. Wands... Wands...

Cosmo: That's not a hot dog, it's a dog dog!

Timmy: Toilet.. Toilet.. Hippo head?

Hippo: If you go in me, you die!

Timmy: Okay, when the toilet starts talking, it's time to give up.

Cosmo: No turkey! No cookie!

Mark: Turner! I don't know how to thank you!

Principal Waxelplax: Get away from my jelly!


Mark: And 4, without my fake-a-fier, Mandie my totally super hot fiancee who I left at the altar COULD FIND ME!

Cosmo: Still can't find it... (Wanda grabs the top of Cosmo's head and makes him turn around. Cosmo collects his wand.) Yes, I found it!

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