Wet Willie
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Fish
Homeworld: Earth
Residence: Undersea
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Power Pals!
Last Appearance:
  Something's Fishy!
Voiced by:
Jim Ward

Wet Willie is a superhero with the power to control animals from the sea. He is a parody of Aquaman.


Wet Willie is one of four superhero friends that Timmy Turner wished for after he had been abandoned by Chester, A.J., and his other normal friends. Wet Willie's powers consisted of calling sea creatures from the deep, usually resulting in a giant whale falling and landing on Timmy.


He wears a light green suit which has fish like scales on it, and a sea shell above his upper chest. He has white hair in an up-do, carries a golden trident in one hand, and his other hand is a double hook. His boots also have fins on them.


In the episode, "Power Pals!", after Timmy Turner was abandoned by his friends for mistreating them, he wished up the Power Pals to serve as even better, super-powered friends. Wet Willie was one of them, and seemed to be the most useless member, as all he could do was call in a giant whale to fall from the sky and squash things (Usually Timmy). 

Timmy realized the error of his ways and teamed up with his friends to get rid of the Power Pals by faking a distress signal from a planet millions of light years away. Wet Willie and the other heroes flew to answer the call, but because of the extreme distance they had to travel, they would be gone for thousands of years. Wet Willie was last seen as a thin and elderly looking man thousands of years in the future, still trying to reach the non-existent planet.

Wet Willie also later appeared on the box of a snorkeling kit that Timmy had received for free after visiting a bad movie in "Something's Fishy!". The snorkeling kit itself had pieces that resembled Wet Willie's actual uniform.


  • There is a character with a similar name called Wet Willy who appeared in The Fairy Beginning. He is Professor Dumblesnore's pet monkey.
  • It is unknown why he and the other Power Pals are not part of Imaginary Gary's group on the Unwish Island in the episode "Escape From Unwish Island".

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