Timmy: [playing cards with Cosmo] Got any threes?
Cosmo: What's a three?

Juandissimo: [covered in cockroaches] Ladies, Come back! Beneath this crunchy roach exterior beats the heart of a lover!

Wanda: Who else got the swirly pink hair dance? Anybody? Just me?

Cosmo: That's okay, we can stop the cockroaches by introducing their natural predator [poofs in an ecology book and flips the book to a pages that shows a frog that is about to eat a plate of cockroaches], the African bog frog!
Timmy: That sounds logical, let there be frogs!
(Cosmo poofs in several frogs)
(9 minutes later)
Cockroaches: [tamed the frogs into mounts]

Juandissimo: Could it be... Wanda. The love of my life. Who I lost to Cosmo. Who married you when I lost you. So you stay lost to me?

Timmy: Wanda!
Wanda: [on the phone] Is that Timmy yelling, "Wanda!"?
Cosmo: No, he's saying, "I'm on the phone', you're breaking up!" [makes static noise and hangs up]----

Timmy: Cockroaches continue to show single-mindedness. Cosmo continues to show empty-mindedness.

Juandissimo: [looking at himself through a mirror] No!!! [stops to admire his muscles] No!!!

Wanda: My "Cosmo Is Going To Make Timmy Dead" sense is tingling!

Wanda: I love you two. But you're idiots!
Cosmo and Timmy: But we're your idiots!

Timmy: Where did you send them(the cockroaches)? (Wanda smiles to herself and looks at the screen)

Cockroach: World Domination!

Cosmo [making static noises to Wanda over the phone] Can't... shhh... hear you... I'm going through a tunnel... [sinks into the pile of cockroaches] Ack! This tunnel's itchy!

Juandissimo: You must not leave, you must stay here with me.
Timmy: I don't know Cosmo with Wanda not being her and you being here.

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