Vicky the Kid
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 16
Hair color:       Red
Eye color:       Pink
Personal Information
  Vicky's family
  Dimmsdale Flats
  The Masked Stranger
  Torture children
  Ownership of Dimmsdale Flats
Vicky (descendant)
Tootie (descendant)
Vicky's Dad (descendant)
Vicky's Mom (descendant)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Odd, Odd West
Latest Appearance:
  Odd, Odd West
Voiced by:
Grey Griffin

Vicky the Kid is an ancestor of Vicky that lived in Dimmsdale Flats one hundred and twenty years ago.


Vicky the Kid is pretty much identical to present Vicky in her mannerisms and cruelty, particularly towards children. Like Vicky, she was an evil babysitter that liked to torture children at her care.


She looks completely identical to Vicky, although she speaks with a western accent and wears a black cowboy getup.


She appeared in "Odd, Odd West" when Timmy traveled to the past to find what happened to the deed to Dimmsdale Flats. Because the town was so dirt poor, the people had to pay her for her babysitting services with the deed to the entire town. Eventually, a mysterious pink-cowboy-hatted boy called the "Masked Stranger" appeared in the town and challenged her for the deed. He defeated Vicky the Kid in a rock-paper-scissors duel.

Vicky the Kid still would not give up the deed, so Dances With Wands dropped a wooden barrel over her and she lost the deed. The barrel was then kicked and she was sent rolling out of the town, yelling and vowing revenge against the Masked Stranger. Apparently she never found the deed, and may have left Dimmsdale Flats to raise a family assuming she is a direct ancestor of Vicky. She does not appear again in the series, however. Timmy hid the deed in the manual book after winning it since nobody reads the manual.


  • Vicky the Kid is a reference to the real life gunslinger Billy the Kid.

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