• He and his wife were originally supposed to appear in Homewrecker (although off-screen, similar to Timmy's parents in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts), however they were removed and the plot was changed. Interestingly enough, Vicky seems to be afraid of her parents in this episode.
  • He has not been seen since Season 6 and beyond, despite multiple appearances by their daughters since then.
  • The irony of Vicky's relationship with her parents was that back in Season 1, when Vicky saw Timmy was missing in The Big Problem, she feared of getting in trouble with her parents, showing the common trait that most kids and teenagers have. Meaning that they actually have the confidence to confront Vicky about her bad behavior. However, since Channel Chasers, Vicky's parents have been shown to be very afraid of their own daughter, making Vicky more like a monster than a bad teenager.
  • Much like most of the other parents of the series, Vicky and Tootie's Dad has no name, and is credited as "Vicky or Tootie's Dad" (whichever daughter is more prominent in the episode). The same applies to his wife, Nicky, but she was named in the video game "Breakin' Da Rules" (PC edition), thus making her one of the very few named parents in the entire series.

Vicky and Tootie's Dad

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