Titlecard-Channel Chasers Channel Chasers
After Timmy Turner goes missing, Mrs. and Mr. Turner show up at Vicky's House to question Vicky's Dad and his wife on Timmy's whereabouts and of Vicky's possible meanness. Numerous security devices are seen encouraging him not too, so he pulls out a placard Vicky wrote for him to read in case anyone gets suspicious. The card says "Vicky is the most kind and thoughtful daughter a parent could ask for", and he begs the Turner parents to tell Vicky he read it exactly as she wrote it.
Titlecard-Timmys 2D House of Horror Timmy's 2-D House of Horror
After a wish by Timmy results in Vicky family's home burning down, the whole family is forced to stay with the Turners. Vicky's parents quickly befriend Timmy's desperate parents, who become so attached to their new (and only) friends that Mr. Turner ensures their own home remains ruined so they'll be forced to stay. Vicky's Dad is still fearful of Vicky even in the presence of the Turners, and will not engage in any activities or eat any food they offer unless Vicky gives the okay. Timmy devices a plan to scare Vicky's parents away, and succeeds in doing so, but it is Vicky who has the final say on them staying, so Timmy is forced to scare her away as well.

Cameos / Mentions

Titlecard-Homewrecker Homewrecker
Vicky is fearful throughout the episode that her parents will see the damage Timmy caused to her house and punish her for it. Vicky's parents are not seen in the actual episode, but in the episode's draft transcript they were supposed to appear, but would be obscured by bushes.
Titlecard-Birthday Wish Birthday Wish!
Vicky's Dad apologizes to his younger daughter, Tootie, for missing her birthday party, mainly because Vicky was present there, but he is ignored.
Titlecard-The Gland Plan The Gland Plan
Vicky's dad does not appear in this episode, but is mentioned at the beginning when Timmy says that he should move to New Zealand.
Titlecard-The Masked Magician The Masked Magician
Vicky's Dad is not seen, but mentioned by his daughter Vicky who names her parents as one of her enemies that may have tied her to train tracks.
Titlecard-Mooooving Day Mooooving Day
Vicky's Dad is one of the parents seen running along with Mrs. Turner and her own family to reclaim their houses after Timmy had "wished" Dimmadome Acres away.
Titlecard-Oh Brother Oh, Brother!
Vicky and Tootie's parents attend their daughter Tootie's ballet pageant, and are seen sitting behind Timmy clapping for her after her successful ballerina dance.