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Era template

I've made some updates to the era template so it now displays on the left, and with bigger icons.

Notes on icon ordering

The icons should be ordered as follows:

  1. Featured article star (if applicable)
  2. Article type (Character / Episode / Song / Gallery / Trivia / Quotes) (NOTE: I have not yet added these yet)
  3. Season number (What season does this article apply to?)
  4. Character icon (For the character's articles, episodes they appear in)

So it should look like this:


Which would create:


On the left side of the article.

Right now the biggest thing that needs to be done is that on most articles, the season icon is ordered after then character icon when it should be before it. My bot has already begun to correct a lot of these, but it has a tendency to miss pages because this wiki is so big. So if you see any era templates that need to be brought up to standard, please change them! Thank you all. --TootieTalk3 Lord Beckett Timmy1 (msg) 04:51, July 29, 2011 (UTC)

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