Uncle Knuckle's Chuckle Bunker
World: Fairy World
Additional Information
  The April Fool
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Fool's Day Out
Last Appearance:
  School's Out!: The Musical

Uncle Knuckle's Chuckle Bunker is a comedy club that is located in Fairy World.


Uncle Knuckle's Chuckle Bunker is a comedy club that The April Fool occasionally performs at in Fairy World. A noticeable part of the building's exterior is a large hand holding the part of the sign that says "Chuckle Bunker"


It first appeared in Fools Day Out, where Timmy went there so that the magic from his wish to be the funniest person on Earth wore off. It succeeded, but that meant he wasn't funny while on stage, and thus was booed off.


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