Wanda: Oh no! Everything's turning... British!

[Repeated phrase]
George Washington: Must .. chop .. (insanely laughing-like) WOOD!!

Wanda: [with Cockney accent] Oh no! Without our wands, we can't use our magic to change everything back!
Timmy: [with Cockney accent] I say, this is a bit of a stickywicket! [normal voice] I mean, dude! This stinks!

John Hancock: (upon reading Timmy's signature on the Declaration of Independence) You call that a signature?!

Mr. Turner: Doh, blimey, son! Look! I'm touching a pound note!
Mrs. Turner: I'll take that, love.
Mr. Turner: Oy...

Benedict Arnold: C'mon, sign it! Er I mean, sign it really big.
John Hancock: I love signing things really big!

Crowd of Independentists: (upon finding out who was disguised as George Washington) Benedict Arnold!
George Washington: I knew he was a traitor!
Timmy: Yeah, the biggest traitor in American history!
Benedict Arnold: And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for that meddling kid! (two authority figures take Benedict away by the arm)

Crowd of Independentists: [in a monotonous tone] That's Washington...

A.J.: And the library. I invented that too.

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