[title card.Timmy is playing catch with himself(by poofing from one place to another.)] Timmy: Boy, playing catch with myself sure is thirsty business.

Cosmo: So is salting your tongue,but that never stopped me! [He salts his tongue.Wanda poofs up some lemonade.].

Wanda: Uh,sport,do you think that you should be drinking all that lemonade?

Timmy: Don't worry.We Turners have bladders of steel. [An owl comes with a letter.]

Owl: Ahem.

Wanda: They always want a tip. [She gives him a rat.].

Rat: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Timmy: Wow, watching owls carry mice away is thirsty work. [He chugs some lemonade.].

Wanda: It's from our high school reunion!

Cosmo: Umm... [He chews on the envelope.] What invitation?

Wanda: Our time at Carl Poofypants High was the best four years of my life!

Cosmo: And the worst ten of mine. [Cosmo shows photos from high school.] Here's me being bullied on the football team by Luther. And by the cheerleaders,and Luther. And the math class,and Luther!

Wanda: Cosmo, a high school reunion is fun!You get to see all your old pals who you paddled around with.

Timmy: Well,it's not like they're expect you to be a billionaire mongul with a beautiful trophy wife.

Cosmo: Yeah right,a billonare.

Wanda: Cosmo,what did you tell them? [High School hallway].

Cosmo: Hello,I am the very rich Cosmo,creator of Wandos2.0,the system of all wands in fairy world.This is my beautiful trophy wife,Britney Britney.My downy secretary Wanda,and my steel-bladder butler Timmy.

Timmy: I have to go to the bathroom.

Wanda: I told you to go before we left.

Timmy: No,you said, "There is no way that we are dressing as a secetary and a butler."Then Cosmo started to cry and you said "okay."

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