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You can Trust me
Trilly's first appearance
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Trilly the Trust Gigglepie
was an alien like the rest of the Gigglepies. She helped Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy save the planet by helping them find Overlord Glee. Trilly was a girl, unlike Overlord Glee. Trilly was very nice and cute, not mean like Overlord Glee. She told them all about the Gigglepies . Cosmo and Wanda loved Trilly the Trust Gigglepie. That was their favorite Gigglepie. Trilly is very friendly and trustworthy, unlike the other Gigglepies. Overlord Glee probably did not like her because she was not evil. Trilly was not a villain! Trilly did hypnotize Cosmo and Wanda and thought everything was fine when the other Gigglepies crowded and tickled Timmy. Timmy gets bored of cute really fast. Even though Trilly was not evil, she was still a Gigglepie and Timmy did not trust her. Fortunately, Trilly was the only one who was not eaten and showed up in a new box of Invader O's. The rest of the Gigglepies invaded Earth. Trilly the trust Gigglepie was not shown in regular episodes . She was only shown in "So Totally Spaced Out".
Aren't I Adorable
Trilly at the end of the episode
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"Hi, I'm Trilly the Trust Gigglepie. I noticed you three as you fell from the sky!"

"Your friend is just fine, don't be ridiculous. Stay here with me and I will show you a magic trick-ulous."

"Not funny, funny is not I. Boo Boo is the funny Gigglepie."


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