Erik: Radioactive waste!
Jeff: Dude, that's the best kind of waste there is. My parents only get me medical waste!

Jeff, Eric, and Mark: ROAAAD TRIIIIIIIP!!!!!!!!!

Mark: (in Learnatorium, traumatized with what he sees around him) AAAH! Those colours! Those Animals! (screams)
Timmy: (holds plats in front of Mark) Fat free soy cube?
Mark: (screams in fear) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too healthy!! (runs away)

Timmy Turner: Hey man, she's not my woman, ok? She's my babysitter and once I'm 16 you can have her back for good!
Mark Chang: Six years?! This birthday stinks...
Timmy Turner: Well, I do feel bad spoiling your big day so I will give you two gifts! One, I will spare your life!
Mark Chang: Okay.
Timmy Turner: And two... (Timmy ponders for a little while)

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