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"You're holding my hand!"

[playing with Cosmo and Wanda as dolls] "Do you, Timmy, take you, Tootie, to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

[Calling out for Timmy] "TIIIMEA! TIMEEEEAA!!!"

"But you have to come! You have to come because I love you!"

"Don't hurt him! He hired all these actors and rented out this whole stadium all because of me! I love him more than ever!"

"You leave Timmy Turner, my one true love, alone you big gray bully!"

"You're here? In my house? Hm, My Timmy-tracker must be malfunctioning."

"I don't care what my therapist says. I'll always love you, Timmy Turner!"

"Hi Timmy! I just got my mouth-to-mouth resuscitation badge!"

"I am so thankful I am sitting next to Timmy!"

"Now pucker up, LOVER BOY! Mmmmmmmm!"

"I'm so wet, you can't even see how much I'm crying!"

Tootie: "You trashed Vicky's room?!"
Timmy: "Wait, I can explain!"
Tootie: "You've done what I've always dreamt of, and never had the courage to do! You're my hero... even if you are in a dress."

Timmy: "Tootie! I need a favor!"
Tootie: "Yes, Timmy! I will marry you!"

Dark Laser: "Aren't you too young for lipstick?"
Tootie: "Don't push my buttons, bub, and I won't push yours."


"Never say never, Timmy!"

"Thanks for the best birthday ever!"


"O-o-o-o! What's this? [reads instructions] 'Wish Tokens. Hold token in one hand to make wish.' O-o-o-o, I know what I want! [holds up a token] I wish Timmy Turner could be with me A-A-A-L-L-L the time!"

"Don't you tease my Timmy like that! I wuv my Mr. Snuggle Bear!"

"I wish Vicky would blow away in a B-I-I-I-G wind!"

"I love Timmy, I love Timmy! He's mine forever and ever and ever!"

"Here, Timmy. This is my very last Wish Token. Make a wish that will make you happy."

(reciting Cream Puff Credo) "I am a little cream puff, a feisty modern girl, I am sweet and cute and smart to boot, and much tougher than an squirrel."

Hugh J. Magnate: "Listen, sister Suzie Saffron Grassgulper, whatever your tree-hugging name is, you don't wanna mess around with Hugh J. Magnate Jr. So why don't you just toddle off to your yert or wherever home is."
Tootie: "This is home. I was raised right here in Dimmsdale! And the name's not Saffron Sippin' Wheat Grass Gurglin' anything, it's Tootie!"

Tootie: "What happened, Timmy?"
Timmy: "Um, um, I fell out of a tree?"
Tootie: "It looked like you fell out of the tree so you wouldn't have to kiss me!"
Timmy: "No, that is so not true! It-- It's just really complicated right now."
Tootie: "Are you seeing someone else?"
Timmy: "No."
Tootie: "Did you just get out of a bad relationship?"
Timmy: "No!"
Tootie: "Is it that you just don't like me?"
Timmy: "No. You just wouldn't understand."
Tootie: "You're right, Timmy - I wouldn't understand. I don't understand how I could love someone since third grade, someone who rebuilds a park for me, saves my tree, and then creates the most romantic day ever, and then tells me he can't kiss me!"
Timmy: "I take it back; you understand completely."
Tootie: "GROW UP, TIMMY TURNER! Uggh!"

"Ugggh! Men! Or should I say boys!"

"Oh, balls!"

Tootie: "Well, awesome! So that means we could bring water to the Sahara and close the hole in the o-zone layer and help helpless creatures?"
Cosmo: "Not only that, we've got cup holders, baby!"
Tootie: "Fancy!"

"Not bad, Turner. You saved my tree and stole my heart."

"My hero (kisses Timmy)!"

"…that icky, rocky Trixie!"

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