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TooYube Logo

"I'm Fart Blazer! I'm Fart Blazer! Pull my finger! I'm Fart Blazer!"
— -Quote from the Fart Blazer scene.
TooYube is a simple video-sharing website on the Internet. TooYube is a parody of YouTube video sharing website, as it contains the red title above the web page and the video screen is at

TooYube Mobile version

the left, as well as a rating and views display system in a layout identical to YouTube in 2009. It can also be accessed by cell phones with Wi-Fi.It works like YouTube.


Timmy Turner uploaded a viral offensive parody of Dark Laser to TooYube, and it reached billions of views in a matter of seconds. Timmy wanted to lure Dark Laser to Dimmsdale because he needed his spaceship to get to the Blue Moon of Vegan. Later on Manic Mom-Day, after Wanda and Timmy made the bet consisting on him switching bodies with Mrs. Turner for a day, he(she) danced with Francis, Trixie, and A.J, and uploaded it to TooYube, where Mr. Turner saw it from his cell phone, thinking Timmy is

The video Timmy uploaded.

a good dancer.

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