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TooYube Logo
120dAdded by 120d
"I'm Fart Blazer! I'm Fart Blazer! Pull my finger! I'm Fart Blazer!"
— -Quote from the Fart Blazer scene.
TooYube is a simple video-sharing website on the Internet. TooYube is a parody of YouTube video sharing website, as it contains the red title above the web page and the video screen is at
TooYube Mobile version
Lord BeckettAdded by Lord Beckett
the left, as well as a rating and views display system in a layout identical to YouTube in 2009. It can also be accessed by cell phones with Wi-Fi.


Timmy Turner uploaded a viral offensive parody of Dark Laser to TooYube, and it reached billions of views in a matter of seconds. Timmy wanted to lure Dark Laser to Dimmsdale because he needed his spaceship to get to the Blue Moon of Vegan. Later on Manic Mom-Day, after Wanda and Timmy made the bet consisting on him switching bodies with Mrs. Turner for a day, he(she) danced with Francis, Trixie, and A.J, and uploaded it to TooYube, where Mr. Turner saw it from his cell phone, thinking Timmy is
The video Timmy uploaded.
a good dancer.
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