Titlecard-Oh Brother Oh, Brother!
Tommy Turner appears in this episode, wished up for by Timmy Turner who wanted someone to give him a hand, as well as someone to beat up Francis for him. Although Tommy was helpful, he was also overly good-natured, and began to get on Timmy's nerves. Tommy thought Timmy was lazy and tried to convince their parents to send Timmy away to shape him into a better adult. Timmy could not wish Tommy away immediately, because Tootie had taken a liking to Tommy. By tricking Tommy with some distractions, Timmy prevents Tommy from attending Tootie's ballet pageant with him, causing Tootie to fall back in love with Timmy and allowing him to wish Tommy away. Tommy was last seen in Tibequador, running off to help out tone deaf llamas, much to a Tibecuador-version of Timmy's annoyance.


TooManyTurners Too Many Turners
Another version of Tommy appeared in the book "Too Many Turners". Vicky quickly fell in love with him. He was eventually wished away along with Timmy's other wished-up siblings at the end of the book.

Tommy Turner

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