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A "Girl": [In a high voice] Hey there Francis, it's just me. Me, the girl. Not the boy you were going to pound if I were a boy which I'm not 'cause I'm a girl. [Francis takes off the "Girl"'s wig revealing it is a boy in disguise the boy then switches back to his regular voice) Please Francis no, I'm still wearing a dress.

Mrs. Turner: Anything else before we drop you off, don't look back, and pay absolutely no mind to that scary gray child?

Timmy: Look! Over there! A Rottweiler!
Francis: I'm not falling for that one, Turner.
Timmy: You're right. It's just a brick wall.
Francis: A brick wall? Where? (As his head is turned, Timmy runs out into the hallway)

Wanda: Y'know running away from your problems never solved anything.
Cosmo: But it's great cardio! Run, Timmy! Run!

Timmy: Cool! You can see right through me!
Wanda: You're ten. You're not that hard to figure out.

Francis: Well when you see him, tell him I'm gonna give him my special year end punch [to Cosmo] or I'll give it to you.
Cosmo: Oh cool, I love presents!

Timmy: Nobody does that to my friends as long as I can't be seen defending them!

Timmy: [after Francis hurts himself by hitting Timmy's medal four times] Well what d'you know, it doesn't hurt to have perfect attendance.

Mr. Turner: And look at that neat, dented medal you got! In my day, all we got were the cruddy, undented ones!

Mrs. Turner: Anything interesting in your last day of school?
Timmy: Hmm, not really. In fact, if you didn't know any better... It's like I wasn't even there. [Timmy turns invisible and he, Cosmo and Wanda laugh]

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