Timmy and Molly is a pairing involving Timmy and Molly. Molly only appeared in the one episode Wishing Well. She seems to be a "goth" girl. She also dislikes being touched. However, some fans picked up a hint of chemistry between her and Timmy. She has not appeared in Season 7 and Season 8.

  • It is seen in the episode that she doesn't mind being touched by Timmy.
  • When Timmy, Molly and Dwight get frightened or scared, Molly always hugs Timmy.
  • It is possible that the ending scene of Channel Chasers hints at the two ending up married, as Timmy's son has dark hair, as does Molly.
    • It is also possible (and more likely) that Timmy brides Trixie or Tootie, not Molly, because also they have dark hair and have more prominent appearances in the series.


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