Timmy and Cindy

Timmy and Cindy Vortex is a character pairing involving Timmy Turner and Cindy Vortex from the shows The Fairly OddParents and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius respectively, creating the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour Trilogy therefore this pairing is not canon.


Timmy first met Cindy Vortex when he wound up in Retroville due to a wish to find the "greatest lab in the universe". He wound up in the lab of Jimmy Neutron. Jimmy wound up in Timmy's world and met Cosmo and Wanda. In Retroville, he meets Jimmy's best friends Sheen Estevez and Carl Wheezer as well as Cindy Vortex. Cindy takes an immediate liking to him, and assumes that Timmy's a genius. After the first special Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, both Jimmy and Timmy are returned to their respective universes. Cindy appeared again in Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2:When Nerds Collide where Jimmy and her seem to be "dating". This, however, is complicated by the arrival of Timmy from his universe. Cindy learns that Timmy is not a genius, but she still likes him. In fact, she admits that she's attracted to both Jimmy and Timmy and wishes there was some way she could take both of them to the dance. Jorgen Von Strangle solves this problem by creating a "multi-dimensional Friday the 13th Dance, so Cindy can dance with both boys. Her final appearance was in the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3:The Jerkinators . In this, Timmy and Jimmy become friends and this causes both boys to ditch their own friends in their respective universes. Cindy tried to end the friendship by making them fight over her, but it turned out they were more interesting in creating a villain to fight than fighting over Cindy herself. Cindy's crush on Timmy vanishes when he calls her 'Debby' when she entered Jimmy's lab and when he was the one to boot her out. At the end of the special Cindy ended up with Jimmy due to her relationship with him in The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius.