Grandpa Vlad: You stink! [Grandma Gladys slaps Timmy with a fish]

Timmy: I wish Grandpa Vlad and Grandma Gladys never came to America!

Mr. Turner: A bag of badgers! They finally like me!

Mr. Turner: Ahh!! A bag of weasels!

Grandpa Vlad: The boy's escaping! Release the hounds!

Wanda: Magic beings in Ustinkistan can only grant turnip-related wishes.

Timmy: I wish I had a turnip time machine!

Grandma Gladys: You stink!

[Grandma Gladys slaps Timmy with a fish]

Timmy: Why did you hit me with a fish?!

Grandma Gladys: It's a tradition in this holiday.

Grandpa Vlad: In Yaksmas we hit you with a seabass.

Cosmo: Hmm... This soup, so delicious!

Wanda: Cosmo, you're eating us!

Cosmo: Oh no! I give him gas!

Grandpa Vlad: I hate this place!!

Cosmo: Yay, werewolf! This place rocks!

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