Timmy Turner and Sanjay is a friendship between two characters from The Fairly OddParents.


One of two back up friends that Timmy Turner has, the other being Elmer, Sanjay was introduced in the second season episode, Hail to the Chief. In it, we discover he is president of the library club. Sanjay is very obsessed with Timmy. He in fact seems to "hero worship" him as he frequently dreams that Timmy is riding to his rescue. Sanjay, like Timmy's other back up friend, Elmer, is even less popular than Timmy. While Timmy does seem to value Sanjay's friendship, he is clearly not as close to Sanjay as he is to Chester and A.J., as Sanjay has never been to Timmy's house, while Chester and A.J. have. However, Timmy and Sanjay do associate with each other at school, and they frequently eat at the same lunch table as Timmy's other friends. Timmy may be a little creeped out by Sanjay's obsession with him so that may be the reason, they are not closer friends. The only time they've had a problem was in the episode Power Pals, when Timmy had a falling out with his friends concerning his tendency to treat them like sidekicks. However, when Timmy apologized, and he was accepted back in with his friends, Sanjay was the first to welcome him back. In the episode, Merry Wishmas, Sanjay names a group of elephants he got "Timmy".


Like Elmer, there are not any episodes that really showcase Timmy and Sanjay's friendship. The following is a list that comes closest to featuring their friendship


Warning spoilers

It is unknown if Timmy and Sanjay are still friends when Timmy is an adult as Sanjay doesn't appear in the live action movie.

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