Timmy giving Elmer his hat.

Timmy Turner and Elmer is a friendship between two characters from The Fairly OddParents.


In addition to his two best friends, Chester and A.J., Timmy has two back-up friends: Elmer and Sanjay. Elmer was introduced in the first season episode, A Wish Too Far. He is considered even less popular than Timmy, Chester, and A.J., quite possibly due to a very creepy boil on his face. While Timmy does mostly hang around Chester and A.J., he does spend some time with Elmer. In addition, all five boys, Chester, A.J., Sanjay, Elmer and Timmy generally sit at the same lunch table at school. In Elmer's first appearance, Chester dubbed him the new Timmy and gave him a pink hat after Timmy had started associating with the popular kids. When Timmy rejoined the group, Chester took the pink hat back to give it to Timmy. However, when he saw how sad it made Elmer, Timmy gave him the pink hat back and told Elmer that he was now "first runner up Timmy", which made Elmer supemely happy. Timmy had a falling out with Elmer in the episode Power Pals and his other friends because he tended to treat them like sidekicks. In the end, though Timmy made up with all his friends by apologizing and agreeing to do better by them. In the sixth and seventh seasons, Elmer has appeared in the show even less than Chester and A.J. While Timmy is not as close to Elmer as he is with Chester and A.J., both boys do seem to value their friendships. In No Substitute For Crazy! he  becomes Timmy's third best friend.


Elmer, being one of Timmy's back up friends, doesn't really have an episode that showcases his friendship with Timmy. The following is a list of episodes that come closest to featuring their friendship:


Warning spoilers:

As in the case with Timmy Turner and Sanjay, it is unknown whether Elmer and Timmy are still friends as adults as neither Elmer nor Sanjay appeared in the live action movie.