Timmy and Chester.

Timmy Turner and Chester McBadbat is a friendship between two characters on The Fairly OddParents.


Chester McBadbat is one of Timmy Turner's two best friends. The other is A.J.. Chester was one of the first characters introduced when The Fairly OddParents became a regular series. He did not appear in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Timmy and Chester have been friends for a very long time, possibly going back to kindergarten. The episode The Big Scoop implies that Chester, Timmy and A.J. were best friends when all three boys were in third grade. Chester and Timmy have very similar interests such as video games, comic books and baseball. The relationship between the two boys is very good. Sometimes, they have falling outs due to Timmy's occasional selfishness. However, they usually make up, generally due to Timmy apologizing. Unlike Timmy who is middle class, Chester is pretty much dirt poor and lives in a trailer park. He has been in a number of episodes, particurlarly in the first five seasons. Like Timmy, Chester does not do very good in school. Like Timmy, however, this may be due to Mr. Crocker's sadistic treatment of the students. In seasons six and seven, he has not appeared as much. Possibly the most significant episode he was in was the special Fairy Idol, as he had a major role in it, and it showcased the friendship between the two boys. Like A.J., he did have a minor role in the second part of the sixth season finale, Wishology. He was saved by Timmy from the Darkness in the third part. In all, Chester and Timmy value their friendship and do care a great deal about each other


The Following episodes showcase the friendship with Timmy and Chester:


Warning spoilers:

Sadly, as in the case with Timmy Turner and A.J., the relationship between the two boys has apparently soured because of Timmy's refusal to grow up at least according to the live action movie. Timmy did promise to use Cosmo and Wanda to get both Chester and A.J. girlfriends in exchange for their help in defeating Hugh J. Magnate. At the end of the movie, both A.J. and Chester are with the two girlfriends. Whether or not this has repaired the rift between the two boys is unknown.

Note: The scenes with Chester and A.J. in the live action movie were only shown in the premiere broadcast; all subsequent rebroadcasts cut their scenes.

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