Timmy Turner's Top-Secret Notebook
Author: Erica Pass
Illustrator: Piero Piluso
Released:  (2004-01-06)January 6, 2004
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
Pages: 24
ISBN: 068986325X

Timmy Turner's Top-Secret Notebook is a children's book published by Nickelodeon, which gives information on characters from The Fairly OddParents.


Product summary

This notebook belongs to me, Timmy Turner. It contains highly sensitive top-secret material. Do not -- I repeat -- do not open it! (Unless of course you are so nosy that you're willing to subject yourself to the powers of the mind-erasing fairy dust sprinkled all over the cover.)

All I can say is that it is NOT about anyone named Cosmo or Wanda. I've never heard of Jorgen von Strangle or the Fairy Academy, and I do not have a crush on Trixie Tang! Okay...if you still want to read it, go ahead. But don't say I didn't warn you - open at your own risk!


The book is presented like a notebook drawn by Timmy Turner. It contains information on individual Fairly OddParents characters, as well as images or scribblings of said characters. The book also shows what other characters would wish for if they had fairy godparents. It has the same design as Ned Declassified School Survival Guide, but with different words.


Timmy imagines what his friends and foes might wish for if they had fairy godparents. This is a list of what they are shown wishing for.

  • Vicky: To rule the world!
  • Crimson Chin: Justice, thy name is chin!
  • Francis: Duh?
  • Tootie: For Timmy's undying love, so that when I chase him he'd actually let me catch him and I could kiss him all the time!
  • Mr. Crocker: To discover the existence of Timmy Turner's FAIRY GODPARENTS! ...and maybe some shrimp puffs.
  • A.J.: To fight aliens alongside CRASH NEBULA!
    Chester: Yeah! And to be able to watch Crash Nebula all the time on TV!
    A.J.: Wait, don't we already do that?
    Chester: Who cares? It's cool!
    A.J.: Also, to get our initials on the high score screens of all the video games down at the arcade!
    Chester: Yeah! And for, uh, world peace.
  • Mrs. Turner: Well, of course, there is no such thing as fairy godparents, but if there were, we'd wish for lots of time to spend with our darling son, Timmy.
    Mr. Turner: And an all-expense paid for vacation to someplace warm and exotic and with lots of sand and pineapples!
    Mrs. Turner: Right! We'll even pay Vicky overtime to watch Timmy!


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