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Cosmo: Don't you know that the cameras are everywhere?
(Timmy flashbacks to when he is on the toilet with cameras around)
Timmy: Hmm, now that you mention it, no!

(Mom burns a bowl. She hears audience laughs.)
Mom: Timmy, honey, I'm gonna make you a nice, big breakfast.
Timmy: Gee mom, that sounds-
(Simon's Crew hold up signs)
Timmy: Uh, what could possibly go wrong?
(Audience laughs)
Mom: I'd just like to know what's so funny about pancakes and eggs.
(Audience laughs)
(Dad runs off with a pancake on his head. Audience laughs.)
Timmy: Heh, What could possibly go wrong?
(Audience laughs)
Mom: Fix yourself a bowl of cereal then, smarty pants. And for being so rude, you're grounded for a week- (Mrs. Turner is stopped by magic and then Simon and his crew appear)
Simon: Big-T, what are you doing? Grounded for a week does not in exciting reality show make.
Timmy: What are you talking about? I got grounded 'cuz I did exactly what you said to do.
Simon: You're right. Maybe we replace mom with someone a little less shrill. Find out if Florence Henderson is available.

Florence Henderson: Timmy, since you're not grounded after all, how 'bout some snacks?
Timmy: Thanks, Mrs. Brady. I mean- mom.
Chester: Wow, you're mom sure is a lot less shrill. (Audience laughs) Hey, I'm funny!

Mother fairy: (watching Timmy TV) Ooh, I love Mom as a blonde!
Little fairy girl: (about Chester and AJ) But what's with the brace-face and the bald kid?

Simon: (to Cosmo) A.J. and Chester got to go.
Cosmo: Well, it's about time!

Dad: (to Mom when she is replaced by Florence Henderson) Ooh, honey, have you done something new to your hair, face, and body?
[Chester and A.J. (as monkeys) fell on top of Dad and Florence Henderson]
Dad AAAHH! Get Timmy's friends off of me!

Timmy: (in Simon's office) What could possibly go wrong?
Binky: (to Timmy) Lots of things. Never let your mom be your manager.
Binky's Mom: You have an audition! Try and look cute!

Mom: (in the Brady Bunch opening) I don't know any of these people.
Florence Henderson: (pushes Mom out of the way) You're in my spot!
Mom: She is so shrill!

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