The Timmy Cave is an underground base used by Timmy Turner, presumably created by Cosmo and Wanda. It made its first appearance in Wishology!: The Big Beginning. You enter it through a secret passageway underneath the Turner's mailbox. The Turner Cycle is located in there as well as the Timmy Cave Supercomputer. Timmy was able to locate Cosmo and Wanda using the supercomputer. It did not make an appearance in Part 2 of the trilogy. However, it is a meeting point for Timmy's family and friends in Part 3 of Wishology. However, just before they could come up with a clear plan to defeat the Darkness, the Destructinator invaded the cave banishing Timmy's family and friends to the Darkness and forcing Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof to flee. It has not made an appearance since Wishology, although presumably it is still there. It is somewhat reminiscent of the base that Timmy used in Action Packed.


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