Blue Fairy Council member: You have been summoned because you have violated the ruling of the Fairy Council!
Pink Fairy Council member: You helped Timmy Turner free his erased wishes from the Hocus Poconos!
Purple Fairy Council member: Now you will all be punished!
Wanda: You're the ones who should be punished for what you did to our baby and to Timmy! Sure, Timmy's made a few mistakes. Well, more than a few. A ton in fact. But... where was I?
Denzel Crocker: I'm trying to figure that out! Maybe we're ahead south of Atlantic City.
Wanda: Anyway, the point is Timmy's not the worst fairy godkid ever. In fact, he sacrificed himself to save all of us.
Cosmo: Roll the clip!
Timmy: Come and get me, I'm a delicious fairy!
Wanda: And now because of you, he's trapped in a horrible place forever.

Jorgen: Foop, you do realize that you're Poof's anti-fairy! Which means if he goes, you'll go!
Foop: NO! I've won the case! Save me, Poof!

[Chuckles the Fairy Eating Cockatiel shoots lasers from his eyes.]
Foop: It shoots lasers too?
Jorgen: Yeah, little Joshua was one messed up kid.

Wanda: Oh no, Timmy's trapped. We have to go back!
Jorgen: We can't! The Hand of Fate locked the window, and probably went for a manicure!

Jorgen: All of Turner's unwished wishes went to a horrible, lifeless place.
Cosmo: Oh no! Our baby is in Hackensack, New Jersey!
Jorgen: Even worse, the Hocus Poconos!

Groupies: YAY Timmy!

Timmy: Look, I'm sorry. I didn't make that wish so I can have magical fairies forever. I made it so I can have Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof forever, because I can't imagine life without them. I don't care if I never get to make another wish. Just please don't take them away from me. They're my family.

Denzel Crocker: I'm gonna miss Turner. Endlessly stalking him and giving him F's gave me purpose.
Dark Laser: He gave me purpose to. There's no point in blowing up a planet if Turner's not on it. Right, Flipsy? [chuckles as Flipsy flips]
Crimson Chin: Timmy was my friend and sidekick! He was the wind beneath my chin!

Blue Fairy Council member: In all our years in the Fairy Council, we have never seen such love between a godchild and his fairy godparents!
Pink Fairy Council member: It is our ruling that Timmy Turner is not the worst godchild ever! Therefore, we overturned our previous ruling! You may have your fairies back!

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