Thunder World
Planet Information
Inhabitants Turbo Thunder
Production Information
First Appearance Wishology
Last Appearance Wishology

Thunder World is a large pink desert planet where Turbo Thunder resided after escaping his home planet.



Many cliffs, mountains and rocky plains make up the geography of this planet with the only man-made structure being Turbo Thunder's amusement park.


Turbo Thunder.


It was sucked up by the Darkness since this world attacked it first. Turbo Thunder escaped from Wonder World to here when he was a child and started training himself to combat against the Darkness.

After the Darkness became the Kindness, all the worlds that were sucked up by the Darkness including this world were released out of it. The time Turbo Thunder spent here made him miss his chance to save the day, leaving Timmy to become the Chosen One in his place.


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