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This article is about the in-universe TV show. For the actual episode, see This is Your Wish (episode).

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This is Your Wish! is a Fairy World TV show that Mama Cosma tricked Timmy Turner, Wanda, and her son Cosmo into appearing on in the episode "This is Your Wish". It is a parody of the popular 1950's television show "This Is Your Life". The basis of the game is similar to The Fairy Dating Game except it was featuring Billy Crystal Ball as a host, and an audience who judged Cosmo based on his past actions. The episode featured interviews with Mama Cosma, Wanda and Jorgen Von Strangle all explaining the many things about Cosmo. For instance, Jorgen Von Strangle explained that he was a five star general as part of the Fairy Academy and that wherever Cosmo was taken for training, "It ended in disaster"; such as Pompeii, Atlantis and Xanadu. In all three cases, he ended up changing the landscape by causing Mount Vesuvius to erupt, Atlantis to be flushed down the toilet and changing Xanadu to Pittsburgh.

After all the interviews, it was revealed by members of the audience the true meaning of this game show; that for Mama Cosma to get her son away from Timmy and Wanda, the audience would vote on whether or not Cosmo could stay a godparent using keypads (like Who Wants to Be A Millionaire) to vote their choice. In the end, Cosmo got to stay a god child by a major landslide victory (except he voted to go home himself)

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