• Timmy: What!? This has to be some sort of diabolic plot!
    Wanda: Timmy, ordinarily I'd agree with you, [Timmy and Wanda get smacked by the doors and exclaim "OW!"] but the slight concussion is making me less suspicious. Has that hat always been orange?

  • Cosmo: (During his training) "I know how to make it warmer!" (Cosmo activates his wand, but doing this causes Mt. Vesuvius to erupt, destroying the city)
    "I know how to make it (Atlantis) cleaner!" (Cosmo activates his wand, but doing this causes Atlantis to be sunk down into the ocean in a toilet-flush style)
    (Cosmo has just changed Xanadu from a small desert city to a large bustling steel industrial city with lots of pollution) "I call it (Xanadu) Pittsburgh!!!"

  • Jorgen: I lost all my stars that day! (turns to Cosmo) AND IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT!  I WILL GRIND YOUR BONES INTO DUST!!!

  • (Cosmo has just been inducted into the Fairy Academy) Jorgen: Welcome to the Fairy Academy! Present wands! & when I say "present wands", I mean don't do anything that will embarrass me in front of the brass!

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