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  • In this episode, Jorgen Von Strangle has a godchild named Winston, who is never seen nor mentioned in later episodes. However, in the episode Temporary Fairy, it was revealed that the reason Jorgen doesn't have a full-time godchild is that he's too rough with the kids. This may be the reason Winston's no longer his godchild because Winston's clearly terrified of Jorgen.
  • Tooth Fairy's hair is red in this appearance, rather than teal.
  • Fairy World seems a lot smaller than in its later appearances.
  • This is the first of the four episodes that aired after Mary Kay Bergman's death.
  • The music for this episode's title card was reused for "The Switch Glitch"'s title card, as well as in a Nickelodeon station ID featuring Cosmo and Wanda.
  • The Zappys would make a return in the episode "Blondas Have More Fun!".
  • This episode aired on December, 31, 1999, the same date as SpongeBob's SB-129 and Karate Choppers. This is also the last piece of FOP media to be released in the '90s.
  • The background music cue that plays when the Tooth Fairy makes her first appearance would also be played in the ChalkZone episode "Gift Adrift". Both shows were produced by Frederator Studios, spun-off from Oh Yeah! Cartoons, and have Guy Moon as their composers. Coincidentally, the first non-Oh Yeah! Cartoons episode of ChalkZone, "Rudy's First Adventure/Rudy's Date" debuted the same night as this short, but the series was held off for two more years.


  • When Cosmo and Wanda look at the trophies, you can see Cosmo's eyebrows were green. But when he talk again, his eyebrows were black again. This also happened in the episode "Where's the Wand?".
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