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The Turners' House is the house where Timmy Turner and his parents reside. It looks almost like all of the other houses in their suburban neighborhood. In A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!, a live-action version of the building is seen.

House Description

It has some differences from the animated house: The roof isn't red and the chimney is in the left side of the house. Like the animated house, there's a garage and a satellite dish (a huge one) on the left. there are bushes in the front of the house, and a pathway leading up the front door.


Thirteen years after the events of the animated series, Timmy still lives with his parents in the Turner's house, as part of his plan to act like a child, in an attempt to keep his Fairy Godparents. It's also revealed by Jorgen that leaving home makes the Godchild loses his fairies.

When Timmy's parents give him things that will get him to leave the house or get a job, Timmy turns down all the items and states he is staying and nothing will change because he loves his parents too much. Mr. Turner then reveals that he and his wife have already sold the house so that they could go on their dream vacation. Timmy however wishes that the house wasn't sold at all and his godparents make that happen by getting a real estate agent to place a "Not Sold Anymore" sign on the Sold sign. Timmy then goes off on his bike while his parents are still distraught over their son not growing up

At the end of the movie, Timmy, his godparents, and Tootie all leave to grant everyone else's wishes come true. As a result, Timmy's parents can now relax on their dream vacation. They however do their vacation at their house since it's paradise with Timmy gone(the frontyard has also partially been turned into a beach). Crocker then falls back to Earth and mutters that everything ends at Turner's house before leaving. Mr. Turner mistakens Crocker for a waiter and states that is the waiter they ever had.

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