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The Turnbaums
Mr. & Mrs. Turnbaum
Gender: Male/Female
Species: Human
Age: 40's
Personal Information
  Duo Bandits
  Souvenir Bandits
  The Turners
  To steal the Sacred Silver Sharpener
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Parent Hoods
Latest Appearance:
  Parent Hoods
Voiced by:
Daran Norris (Mr. Turnbaum)
Susan Blakeslee (Mrs. Turnbaum)

The Turnbaums are married duo bandits who look exactly like Mr. and Mrs. Turner.


They are a husband and wife criminal duo that stole the Turner family's mobile home and went on a crime spree throughout the United States. They are also known as the Souvenir Bandits.


Mrs. Turnbaum resembles Mrs. Turner, except her hair is in a beehive, and she wears a pink flannel shirt with blue jeans. Mr. Turnbaum resembles Mr. Turner, except he wears a dirty white sleeveless shirt, is unshaven, has messier hair, and has bad teeth.


Not much is known about the Turnbaums though it could be that they have exactly the same personalities as Mr. and Mrs. Turner, except meaner, and possibly even dumber.


They appeared in Parent Hoods where they stole the Turner's RV in order to throw off the cops (who arrested Timmy's parents as they looked similar to the Turnbaums), so they could go to Canada and steal the Sacred Silver Sharpener. Thanks to Timmy's plan, he was able to get the Canadian police to arrest the Turnbaums and get his parents free before they were convicted.

The Turnbaums

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