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  • This is the first Oh Yeah! Cartoons episode in which Vicky, Mr. Turner, and Mrs. Turner do not appear.
  • This is the first appearance of Jorgen von Strangle and Fairy World. It is interesting to note that Cosmo and Wanda act as if they have never met Jorgen before, yet later flashback episodes reveal they have known Jorgen for thousands of years.
  • This is the debut appearance of Santa Claus in a non-Christmas episode.
  • This is the last episode that Mary Kay Bergman voiced Timmy when she was still alive, the next episode was aired a month and twenty days after her suicidal death on November 11, 1999. The last four episodes were aired posthumously.
  • This is the third episode with an animated title card.
  • The first name the elf call Timmy is "Jimmy", which is ironic, considering that in the first Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, everyone (besides Cindy and Libby) in Retroville thought that Timmy was Jimmy.
  • Jeff the Elf also calls Timmy "Butchy", probably as in Butch Hartman, the creator of the series.
  • The background music cue that played when Jeff gave Timmy a shovel and pail when he wished to go to the beach would be a common background music cue used in various episodes of ChalkZone, first appearing in "Rudy's Story". Both shows are produced by Frederator Studios, began as shorts on Oh Yeah! Cartoons, and have Guy Moon as composers.


  • Timmy told Santa Claus that it was the middle of the summer, but earlier in the episode, he was getting off the school bus. Though since Timmy said "8 years of school to go," this likely means that this episode took place on the last day of school or on another day in early summer.

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