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Jorgen: Welcome to the Fairy Academy. I am drill sergeant Jorgen Von Strangle, and these are my muscles. (Jorgen started flexing to show huge muscles on his body including his chin)
Cosmo: I really should start working out.

Wanda: Well then, where's your magic wand?
Jorgen: Too wimpy! I have this now. [Use his wand] Any more questions?
All Fairies: [shakes his head]

Jorgen: As a reward for doing so well, you get to do push-ups!
Cosmo: That doesn't sound so bad!
Jorgen: 18,000,000, NOW!
Cosmo and Wanda: 1, 2, 3, 4...

Cosmo and Wanda: [now with biceps] 10,000,001, 10,000,002...
Cosmo: My Timmy-senses are tingling! Something's wrong with Timmy!
Jorgen: Where do you fairies think you are going?!
Cosmo: Sorry, but Timmy always comes first! [tips Jorgen over]
Jorgen: Aaaaahh!

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