Timmy: It says here quite clearly, and I quote, “Timmy will not need a babysitter on the weekends.”
Mr. Turner: Well, you’re right, Son. This is a legal document. A really nice legal document!
(Mom takes a out a FISH and wraps it with the contract.)
Mrs. Turner: And now it’s fish wrap. Really nice fish wrap!

Vicky: Don’t worry, Twerpy! I brought all kinds of fun things for us to do together.
Timmy: Really?
Vicky: Nope!
(Vicky whips out a gigantic trunk, opens it and starts throwing stuff at Timmy. He stares blankly and angrily as the items bounce off his chest.)
Vicky: These are my SHOES that need to be shined. These are my CLOTHES that need to be washed. This is my HOMEWORK that needs to be done. And this is my butt, which will be in that chair while I watch you DO IT ALL!
Timmy: And if I refuse?
Vicky: Then I let your parents listen to this recording I made of you!
(Vicky pulls out a handheld TAPE RECORDER and hits play.)
Recorded Timmy Voice: Hi! I’m Timmy Turner and I...
Deep Male Voice: ...cheated on my math test!
Timmy: I never cheated on my math test!
(Vicky pulls out another tape recorded, on which she has just recorded Timmy’s dialogue. She plays them in order.)
Recorded Timmy Voice Hi! I’m Timmy Turner and I...
Recorded Timmy Voice #2: ...cheated on my math test!
(Timmy sinks.)
Timmy: I’ll get to work.

(Vicky has been turned into a five year old)
Little Vicky: Hey! Wha’ happened?
(Vicky notices Timmy standing in front of her)
Little Vicky: Who are you? And where am I? Everything looks bigger!
Timmy: Hi, Vicky! You’re five! And I’m your ten-year-old baby-sitter, Timmy! You’re in for a great day!
Little Vicky: Really?
Timmy: Nope! Welcome to the corner of Pay and Back.

Little Vicky: I can’t cut the grass with just a plunger!
Timmy: You’re right, Twerpette. My bad.
(Timmy hands her a mop.)
Timmy: Knock yourself out.
Little Vicky: But...
Timmy: AHP! We wouldn’t want your Mommy to hear this, would we?
(Timmy pulls out a tape recorder.)
Recorded Little Vicky: Hi, I’m Vicky! And I...
Deep Male Voice: ...stole from my Mom’s purse!
Little Vicky: I never stole from my mom’s purse!
(Timmy pulls out a second tape recorder and plays both.)
Little Vicky On Recorder #1: Hi, I’m Vicky and I...
Little Vicky On Recorder #2: ...stole from my mom’s purse!
(Vicky fumes and storms away with mop)

Wanda: We don't want to be [Vicky's] godparents! She's mean!
Cosmo: Yeah, we like Timmy! His hat is pink.

Reassigning Fairy:  Inconceivable! You made this kid from miserable to content in no time flat! [stamps a happy face on Vicky's forehead]
Little Vicky: Hey!
[Cosmo and Wanda's chains are removed and everything goes back to normal]
Reassigning Fairy:  You, on the other hand, are a miserable, miserable kid. [Timmy smiles, but when the Reassigning Fairy looks at Timmy, he frowns and after the Reassigning Fairy turns his head away, Timmy is smiling again] Miserable kid, fairy godparents, make with the happy! [The Reassigning Fairy disappears and after that Cosmo and Wanda poof away and go back to Timmy's side, making them his godparents again]
Little Vicky: I lost my godparents? Already! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Little Vicky: But I'm miserable! Why won't anyone believe me? I'M- [ice cream poofs in front of her] Oohh, Vanilla!

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