Timmy: And tomorrow’s March 15. If you guys don’t remember being his fairies then Crocker must’ve done something to lose you forever.
Wanda: We fairies are masters of disguise!
Cosmo: I know I'd never do anything to give myself away!
70's Cosmo: Hi, Ice Cream Man! Hi, group of children! Hi, birdie! I can fly too, 'cause I'm a fairy! [flies around] Wheeeeeeeee!
70's Wanda: (grabs 70's Cosmo by the ponytail) Get in here you idiot!

Mr. Turner: Thanks, Denzel Crocker, now I'm going to go stare angrily at Dinkleberg.
Denzel Crocker: Here let me help you with that. (pushes down Dad's eyebrows before Dad storms off to glare at Dinkleberg)

Denzel Crocker: OUT OF MY WAY!!!

Wanda: What's so special about March 15?
Cosmo: Is it "Be Kind to Squirrels" Day?
Timmy: No! Every kid knows the March 15th is the day Mr. Crocker is at his meanest!

Timmy Turner: This whole decade is a fashion disaster!

Timmy Turner: You should be hiding! It's March 15th!
(Every kid stops after hearing this)
Chester: March 15th! This is not a drill! [shows Crocker parking, stepping out of his van, and then stick a snake tongue out of his mouth]
A.J.: Everyone run to the United States Learning Institution!

Timmy: This is ridiculous! It happens every year. I'm sick of Crocker making us all miserable!

80s Dad: Wow! She's a maniac, that's for sure!

Denzel Crocker: Mother! What's the matter with you!?
Dolores-Day Crocker: I was only trying to cheer you up. What happened to the perky little ball of sunshine that used to be my son?
Denzel Crocker: That child doesn't exist anymore. I can't even remember a time I was happy.

Timmy: Fairy Godparents!!!
Cosmo and Wanda: (smacks and hits him with their hands)
Timmy: Thanks for not using the oar.

Wanda: Look! There's your mommy. And she still has you in her tummy.
Cosmo: I thought she loved Timmy. Why'd she eat him?

70's Jorgen: Disco?
Jorgen Von Strangle: With myself?
70's Jorgen and Jorgen: Outrageous! [both poof to a disco dance floor and start dancing]

80's Principal Waxelplax: Denzel, no! I'm in love with a psychotic moron.

80's Wanda: Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone.
80's Cosmo: (looks at fireworks behind him, Wamp sound) Must...resist...stupidity impulse...

Timmy: Wanda, Kill the power! I have to get Denzel away from that microphone!

Cosmo: What do I do?


Cosmo: Must...resist...stupidity...impulse... (poofs up jack in the box) Not...resisting...well...!

90's Crocker: (driving his van) I can't wait to get to my first day as a teacher. Where there's a school, there's kids! And where there're kids there're.. FAIRY GODPARENTS!! (he crashes his van on Principal Waxelplax's car)
90's Crocker: Geraldine?!
90's Principal Waxelplax: I'm your boss now! Call me Principal Waxelplax.

80's Crocker: FAIRIES!

Timmy: OMG, Denzel Crocker must have, FAIRLY ODDPARENTS!!!!!

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