Wanda: Wow, Timmy won another game of Timmy Ball!
Cosmo: That's the first rule of Timmy Ball. Timmy wins!
Wanda: I thought there were no rules in Timmy Ball.
Cosmo: Well, that's the second rule!

Timmy : So?
Chester : Dude.Didn't you see the lightning and hear the weird music?
A.J. : All of a sudden it's night time?
Timmy: [stares at his friends]
A.J.: Don't you understand? He's a dentist! A mean, he's a mean dentist !

Wendell : My comb has perfect teeth!

Timmy:  My head! My hat! My teeth! [sees Wanda as dusty mess] My gosh! What happened to you?
Wanda: Just make another wish.

Cosmo: Are you Timmy?
Blob #1: Nah, I'm Chad.
Wanda: Are you Timmy?
Blob #2: I'm Dominique.
Cosmo: Are you Timmy?
Blob #1: I just told you..I'm Chad!

Cosmo:That's weird, because we are just granting a wish that everybody in the world looked exactly the same as everybody else and now were in fairy...[Fairies look at them] What?
Wanda:Was that a bad thing? [Jorgen pulls them by the hair]

Cosmo:Oh no magical back-up that only happens if fairies can't grant wishes to their kids. [fairy explodes]
Jorgen:[laughs but then changes to a serious and sad tone] I mean, poor little fairy.

Wanda: We gotta find Timmy before all the fairies explode! [exploding noise]
Cosmo: [appears to suffering Magical Backup] Oh! Oh!
Wanda: Oh no! Cosmo!
Cosmo: Nah! Just goofing with you baby! Let's go!

Cosmo: Timmy?
Blob: Chad...
Wanda: Timmy?
Blob: (angrily) Chad....!
Cosmo: Now are you Timmy? [Blob goes away still angry]

Mr. Turner : I'm home! And grey! How is your day dear?
Mrs. Turner : Grey!

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