Wanda: Timmy! Wakey wakey!
Timmy: Huh, what? What's up!
Cosmo: You are, Timmy! Today's a very special day!
Timmy: Oh boy! (jumps out of bed) Is today's the day we send Vicky hurdling into a blackhole?
Wanda: No, but we'll get on that. (poofs up a voice recorder) Note to self: Vicky, blackhole, make it happen!

Cosmo: You know how every day, we're nice, sweet, and just so darn cute?
Timmy: (boredly) Uh-huh.
Cosmo: According to the rules, for 1 day every 2,000 years, we get to be BAD!!!
Timmy: Cool! I always wanted to be bad for a day! When do we start?

Timmy: When do you start being bad, Cosmo.
Cosmo: Any second now! (looks at his watch) 3, 2, 1... 0! (changes into different parts)

Cosmo: (laughs evilly) From this point heds, I'll shall be known only as Cos, uh, mean? Yeah, Cosmean, Ohohohohohoh! (laughs evilly) Go look in your bathroom!

Cosmo: Soap scum! (laughs evilly) Beware!

Cosmo: (crying) I'm so.........NICE!!!! (crying)
Timmy: Cheer up, dude! We'll help you get bad!
Cosmo: You will?
Timmy: Sure, I wish we can beat the baddest dude in history (Genghis Khan) and have HIM give you lessons!
Cosmo: Oh, he is bad!

Vicky Khan: Not so fast! (pushes the Mongols out of the way) It's way past your bedtime, mister!
Timmy: Who's that?
Genghis Khan: My, uh, babysitter, Vicky Khan.
Timmy: Wow, Vicky must have a real extended family!

Timmy: How do you feel, dude!
Cosmo: I am Cosmo Khan!
Wanda: Feel any better?
Cosmo: I am Cosmo Khan!
Timmy: He seems kind of brainless
Cosmo: Mindless!
Timmy: Mindless

Timmy: Well I know the queen of bad ideas! (picks up phone, dials Vicky's number)
(Vicky's phone rings while she eating food)
Vicky: (picks up the phone) Hello!
Timmy: I better disguise my voice (clears throat) Deep voice: Good evening. I am conducting a completely random survey. If you could be really bad for one whole day, what would you do?
Vicky: Oh, that's easy! (Timmy put phone on Cosmo's ear) I'd blow up the Earth, haha!
Cosmo: Hey, thanks!
Vicky: No problem! (hangs up)

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