Fairly Oddparents Cameos/Mentions

Jimmy Neutron Cameos/Mentions

  • Goddard (Seen in Theme Song only)
  • Mr. Wheezer
  • Principal Willoughby
  • Mrs. Folfax
  • Ms. Foul
  • Corky
  • Nick Dean
  • Butch
  • Mrs. Vortex (Mentioned)
  • King Goobot
  • Mr. Estevez
  • Mayor of Retroville
  • Toy Company
  • Retroville Police
  • Mr. Vortex (Mentioned)
  • Sushie Vortex (Mentioned)
  • Cindy's Grandmother (Mentioned)
  • Cindy's Grandfather
  • Stormshuckle  
  • Coach Gruber 


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