The Haunted Volcano in 3-D

The Haunted Volcano is a 3D horror movie within The Fairly OddParents that was watched by several characters.


This is a horror movie that must be watched with 3-D glasses on. The 3-D effects are very lame along with the obviously fake titular villain of the movie. The exact plot of the movie is not clear.


This movie was seen in "Timmy's 2-D House of Horror". Everyone seems to be afraid of the movie except for Timmy Turner, who found it to be extremely boring. His wish to make the lava in the movie seem more real resulted in Vicky's house being burnt down. After Vicky's family was forced to live with the Turners, Timmy used the 3-D glasses for this movie along with Fairy Magic to scare Vicky's family into leaving.

Note: Wanda says the movie's title as "It Came From the Haunted Volcano in 3-D"

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