• Every member of The Carnies is a fairy, except the Alligator Man, apparently.
  • It's revealed that Timmy's parents can't get fancy stuff like the Dinklebergs because they spend their money on Timmy.
  • This episode has a rare occurrence of killing being depicted on the show, when Mr. Dinkleberg's fancy grill slaughters a living cow into four steaks.
  • One of the carnies appears to be an elderly man wearing a cape. It is unknown what has Timmy done that made him get angry at him.


  • The Grass is Greener - This episode's title refers to the proverb, "The grass is always greener on the other side".
  • Beauty and the Beast - When Timmy wishes to see what his parents were doing, Wanda poofs up a magic mirror, making a reference to Maleficient' enchanted mirror.


  • At one scene, Timmy is seen standing on his dad's hand, his size is not much bigger than a melon.
  • Vicky is listed in the cast credits to this episode despite her lack of an appearance.

Running Gags

  • Cosmo saying food tastes better with rabies.
  • Everything exploding in Mr. Turner's face.
  • Strong Man saying "What's the word?". Timmy says the word Strong Man was about to say and Strong Man becomes annoyed and unhappy by this.

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