Timmy: There's only one thing I can do.
Cosmo: I'll get the monkey and the trampoline!

Timmy: Well, I ran away from home and I have a fifth grade education!
Carny: You could be overqualified, but I'll give you a shot.

Cosmo: Try a tasty possum on a stick!

Wanda: But Timmy, you can't be a carny.
Cosmo: Wanda's right. You don't have the skills. You've never even been to prison.

Cosmo: Who wants candy coated cockroach?

Timmy: Hey, my home!
Dad: I miss Timmy!
Mom: I miss Timmy!
Mom and Dad: We miss Timmy!

Dad: In your face, Dinkleberg!
Timmy: Yeah! What he said!

Cosmo:(has just been grabbed by Mr. Turner by the ear) Don't forget the rabies! Everything tastes better with rabies! Yay rabies!

Flawin: Carnies style!

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