The Gigglepies
Look at All of Them
Gender: Varies (Male and Female)
Species: Alien Bunnies
Hair color:       Yellow
Eye color:       Blue
Personal Information
  Yugopotamia (invaded)
Earth (invaded)
  "The Special Surprise Inside"
Timmy Turner
  To drain each planet dry to produce their merchandise
Overlord Glee (leader)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  So Totally Spaced Out
Latest Appearance:
  Timmy's Secret Wish
Voiced by:
Tara Strong
Grey DeLisle-Griffin
Susanne Blakeslee

The Gigglepies are a race of cute alien bunnies who spread across entire planets by posing as the "Special Surprise Inside" a box of Invader O's cereal. They seem adorable and friendly, but are really invaders who destroy other worlds in their quest to sell their merchandise.


Overlord Glee

Overlord Glee


Gigglepies are bunny-like alien creatures, all of them having floppy ears, a small heart-shaped nose, large shiny eyes, and a round face. Each Gigglepie is a different color. Most are either purple, yellow, or pink, while Overlord Glee, the leader of the Gigglepies, is white. All the Gigglepies bear an antenna on their head and wear a necklace that indicates their personality. For example, Boo Boo the funny Gigglepie has a smiley face antenna, Trilly the trust Gigglepie has a heart antenna, and Overlord Glee has a crown antenna to signify that he is the leader.

Sometimes, Overlord Glee changes into an unsettling form--a red, demonic bunny with fangs and sharp claws who growls in a rough voice. However, he quickly reverts back to his regular Gigglepie form, acting as if nothing had happened.


With a high-pitched voice, all of the Gigglepies speak in rhyme to add on to their appeal; however, they occasionally whisper things such as "Accessories not included," revealing that their main goal is to sell like there's no tomorrow. At first sight, the Gigglepies appear sweet and harmless, but later on, it is revealed that as their sales go up, their customers' freedom goes down, and after sucking each planet dry, they simply blow it up and move onto the next one.

Despite their dark plan, the Gigglepies do not appear to be very violent. They just try to cast a spell to mesmerize people with their cuteness, and if that fails, then they "attack" by tickling.


The Gigglepies first appeared in the episode So Totally Spaced Out, where they easily took over Yugopotamia since the Yugopotamians fear fluffy and nice things. However, after Cosmo discovered that Gigglepies taste like manure, which is a rare Yugopotamian delicacy, the Yugopotamians devoured the bunnies, although some of them seemed to have escaped somehow. After the massacre, Trilly the Trust Gigglepie was seen in another box of Invader O's on Earth. A few Gigglepies also made a brief cameo appearance on Unwish Island, where they were in a stadium cheering for the Unwishes to attack Timmy. The Gigglepies are mostly silent in Escape from Unwish Island and Timmy's Secret Wish, for they possess minor roles in both episodes.

Notable Gigglepies

I brought a Friend

Boo Boo and Trilly



  • The Gigglepies can be considered a parody of Care Bears or even Furbys.
  • When the Gigglepies sing "I don't know what I've been told," it is a reference to the military cadence.
  • Overlord Glee is a parody of the Gremlins since he can transform into a nasty, uglier figure. The only difference is that Overlord Glee can change freely in between his two forms while the Gremlins stay in their scary form after they transform into said form.

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