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The Futurellis
Genre: Comedy/Family
Channel: 1
Visitors: Timmy Turner
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The Futurellis is a television program that appeared in The Fairly OddParents television special, "Channel Chasers".


This show is a parody of The Jetsons, a show that was popular in the early-1960s. It also seems to be a parody of Italian mobster films and shows, as the only human character Timmy Turner parodies Elroy Jetson and meets says "Nice ship. Be a shame if something happened to it." In addition the dog chases a cat saying "that cat owes me money."


This show is the first of many that Timmy Turner visits in "Channel Chasers", after wishing for a Magic TV Remote that allows him to travel through television as if the programs were real worlds. Timmy flies around in a flying-saucer-like car similar to the ones from the show, and watches several of the characters play out a sequence similar to the one from the ending credits of the show.

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